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Loobylou WE. Collection Candle Hope

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 A fresh and floral bouquet of white rose, wild jasmine and ylang ylang infused with green tea and bergamot on a base of amber & balsam.

We. is a reange foucssed on inclusion. This verse written by the maker is printed on the back of the box.

We are.

We are unite

We are powerful.

We are community.

We are all in this together.

We are more than our genders.

We are more than our sexuality.

We are more than our skin tones.

We have the same colour blood.

We strive for the greater good.

We breathe the same air.

We all want to belong.

We all deserve to feel safe.

We all strive for connection.

We all want to love, and be loved.

We all wish to be our best selves.

We all want to feel included.

We all have a history.

We all matter.


    Loobylou WE. Collection Candle Hope


    This little store may be tucked away in an arcade in Lane Cove, but it’s well worth visiting. Everything is organic, natural and produced sustainably. Everything is beautiful. The owner is enthusiastic and knowledgeable about all her stock. Highly recommended for buying gifts for babies, in fact, gifts for everybody, including yourself.

    Gaby Meares

    Love this shop. Nicola is passionate about helping people. Love the makeup and creams.

    Sally Sadubin

    Lot's of great tips - love Children Love Health post, 50 cheap activities.

    Eleanor Rattray

    Beautiful Lane Cove Store with so many lovely, natural and organic products. Would definitely recommend this store for the environmentally conscious shopper!

    Katie Sarah

    Fabulous local shop for anyone looking for sustainable, ethical and natural products. Personal helpful service!

    Deborah Paul

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