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The Goodnight Co

Goodnight Co. Homeopathic Tincture Menopause Drops

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If you’re a woman, peri/menopause will happen.

Usually occurring around the half-century mark of life, peri/menopause is a maturity milestone that can bring on hot flushes, affecting 75 to 85% of women, creating unwelcome sleep challenges.

One hot flush lasts about three minutes and can happen multiple times, day and night. At night, hot flushes are often more severe and called night sweats. While short-lived, they can drench sheets and sleepwear, resulting in frequent awakenings and next-day fatigue. This can last three to five years, feeling like one long, hot and frustrating heat spell.

But don't sweat it! At The Goodnight Co., we spend our waking hours developing evidence-based sleep aid products to help you reclaim quality sleep. And we’re excited about having Menopause Drops as part of our feel-good range of natural remedies, so you don't have to take it lying down (at least not tossing and turning, trying to get back to sleep)! Try Menopause drops today and experience the Australian made, expertly blended solution designed to help reduce and relieve hot flushes, night sweats and irritability.

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Goodnight Co. Homeopathic Tincture Menopause Drops


This little store may be tucked away in an arcade in Lane Cove, but it’s well worth visiting. Everything is organic, natural and produced sustainably. Everything is beautiful. The owner is enthusiastic and knowledgeable about all her stock. Highly recommended for buying gifts for babies, in fact, gifts for everybody, including yourself.

Gaby Meares

Love this shop. Nicola is passionate about helping people. Love the makeup and creams.

Sally Sadubin

Lot's of great tips - love Children Love Health post, 50 cheap activities.

Eleanor Rattray

Beautiful Lane Cove Store with so many lovely, natural and organic products. Would definitely recommend this store for the environmentally conscious shopper!

Katie Sarah

Fabulous local shop for anyone looking for sustainable, ethical and natural products. Personal helpful service!

Deborah Paul

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