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The Goodnight Co

Goodnight Co. Deep Sleep Kit

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Quality sleep is in your control with a Deep Sleep routine designed to aid restorative sleep and nurture your inner (and outer) glow. Every day, come what may! 

Even people with the most finely tuned sleep-wake cycles can be thrown out of whack during times of pressure or uncertainty.  Add additional factors like parenthood or shift work, and it’s easy to understand why disrupted sleep has become a common frustration. 

This is when our specially curated Deep Sleep Kit comes to the rescue. We know from years of research that deep, sustainable sleep is as essential to a healthy lifestyle as good nutrition and exercise, with proven links to improved memory, creativity, immunity, relationships, happiness and more. 

Taken before bedtime, our Deep Sleep Drops are one of the best natural products for deep sleep that is a ‘must-have’ all-natural remedy, formulated to support your sleep  patterns, whether you struggle to fall or stay asleep. 

Easy to use and similarly loaded with all-natural sleep-boosting ingredients, our Goodnight Essential Oil Roll-On combines sweet orange and chamomile (to soothe your nervous system), white frankincense and cedarwood (to relieve stress); and lavender and sweet marjoram (to induce a deep, healing sleep). Perfect to use before bed and, should you wake during the night, a quick roll on your pulse points will send you back to sleep. 

Last but not least, a good night's sleep is only a few sprays away with our Sweet Dreams Mini Sleep Mist. Spritz above your bedding to calm your mind and prepare the body for deep sleep. Rest assured, quality, uninterrupted sleep is within your control – and your ticket to rise and truly shine. 

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Goodnight Co. Deep Sleep Kit


This little store may be tucked away in an arcade in Lane Cove, but it’s well worth visiting. Everything is organic, natural and produced sustainably. Everything is beautiful. The owner is enthusiastic and knowledgeable about all her stock. Highly recommended for buying gifts for babies, in fact, gifts for everybody, including yourself.

Gaby Meares

Love this shop. Nicola is passionate about helping people. Love the makeup and creams.

Sally Sadubin

Lot's of great tips - love Children Love Health post, 50 cheap activities.

Eleanor Rattray

Beautiful Lane Cove Store with so many lovely, natural and organic products. Would definitely recommend this store for the environmentally conscious shopper!

Katie Sarah

Fabulous local shop for anyone looking for sustainable, ethical and natural products. Personal helpful service!

Deborah Paul

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